Biblical Meaning Of Giving

What is the biblical meaning of giving? Biblical imageMany Fundamental Christians have a very limited understanding of what the Bible says about giving. Many say that all Christians are taught to give to charity and that there is no way that non-Christians can be Christians. Does the bible actually speak about giving? Does the bible speak about charity? Many Fundamentalists will tell you that when the bible talks about giving, it's talking about being obedient. But the opposite is really true.

Biblical Meaning

There are many verses in the Bible that talk about giving to someone who does not deserve it, or that which does not belong to him. So what is the biblical meaning of giving?The word "giver" in the bible doesn't always mean we are giving. In fact, some verses actually tell us that God will provide for us if we ask him. This just means that God didn't place any limitations on who we can give to. He actually gave to all men, whether they deserved it or not. What this really means is that we should go out and find ourselves worthy of giving, before asking from God. The bible says to be patient, but does not mean we should be complacent. When we give to people who are poor and needy, we need to be reminded not to be selfish. We should show them that we care about them, even though we may be a little short-handed right now. Sometimes we may need to ask God for more money so that we can buy more supplies for the needy, but God has absolutely nothing to do with it. What portrayalHe simply wants us to feed the poor and to care for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. The bible does state that we should give to the poor and the needy. It also states that we need to have patience in waiting for God to help those who need our help. Sometimes we don't know what's going on with someone who is in a difficult financial situation. They may be heading down the road to darkness and there is no one to help them. What can we do?Sometimes we can't even help them financially because we don't have the money to give. If we haven't given much to the needy in the past, we shouldn't continue to do so.

What does God want from us?

God doesn't want us to live like that. He wants us to give to those who are in need and to the people who are out in the Word working. What is the biblical meaning of giving? It's more about the attitude we have when we do give. We should always give with sincerity and with love. When we don't we're selfish and don't show others that we truly love them. The more we pray and the more we take personal responsibility as Christian's, the more we will find love in our hearts for the poor and the needy. The Lord knows our weaknesses and even when things look bad for us, he has ways we can get through it. Of descriptionHe used to come to our homes as a child and He even went through the struggles that we face to bring you to the land of Israel. There's nothing that will stop us from doing what's best for us. So why wait?If we're not doing things to help our brothers and sisters in the world, then we might as well be sitting on a rock waiting for a tsunami or an earthquake to come. That's not loving. We need to reach out and help. The Bible also teaches that we should not keep the faith to ourselves but share to others what we have. Many of the richest men in the world today were once poor themselves. They poured out their whole heart and soul to the Lord. They learned what it means to give. They became successful and rich beyond their wildest dreams. Sometimes we just need to learn to share. God gave all of us opportunities. He's filled with such grace that even though we might not always be at home with him, he'll be right there watching over us. The best thing to do is to reach out and take advantage of those opportunities. We need to get our share of the world!