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Being Transformed

  It’s incredible really. Incredible to see the transformation that the world undergoes during the changing of the seasons. The hues of green morph into shades of reds, oranges and yellows that announce the transformation before our eyes. Isn’t that what the presence of Christ produces in us? The shades that we once were are…

How are WE Doing??

How are we doing? The early church set the standard for us, even today, centuries removed. It’s simple really and yet we seem to, at least in the American church, make it so complicated. A bit convicting perhaps. The basics. The early church.

Press On

As a new school year begins and a new season is on the verge of emerging, may we too press on…  

On Summers Shore

As we take one last walk along the shores of summer 2012 may we be reminded that we are soujourners on this earth. As we prepare to move into a new season perhaps we should pause and take notice where our footsteps are leading us.        

Keep Your Eye On Me

There are days when all we want to do is escape from whatever it is that is closing in on us. He needs no coaxing, no reminders, no cajoling. He hides us. He offers respite and rejuvenation under His wing. Why then do we all too often try and do it ourselves? “Keep your eye…

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