Philanthropists are often described as caring, compassionate people who wish to help the less fortunate. Philanthropists recreationBut what are they exactly, and what is the philosophy behind their philanthropy? And what are the pros and cons of philanthropy, both personally and as a public expression of concern for the world in general? In the spirit of this article, I will attempt to answer these questions about what is a philanthropist, how a philanthropist should be, and what are some actual examples of philanthropy?


The word "philanthrophy" originates in Greece, where the term was used to refer to the practice of giving away of things with an emotional attachment. Thus, a philanthropist may choose to give away his possessions in order to aid his/her fellowmen. In modern times, however, the concept of philanthropy has become intertwined with the idea of charity. Charity, after all, is defined as giving away one's possessions to help alleviate the suffering of others. What is a Philanthropist? A philanthropist is a person who gives of his personal possessions to help others. He does this in the hopes that the gift he gives will make a difference in his fellow man's life. However, being a philanthropist entails much more than simply giving away possessions, as some modern-day philanthropists have been accused of being over-prepared for the task at hand. So what is a Philanthropist? Philanthropists photographA charitable donation should do more than make an already struggling family more comfortable. It should also raise money for a cause - and one of the biggest causes that can be raised through charities today is the reduction of poverty in developing countries. Unfortunately, there are many people who give away their money to charitable causes that are not directly related to alleviating poverty. When a person gives away money to support a specific charity that focuses on combating poverty, he or she may not be doing his or her part to eliminate poverty.

Money and Misery

The money may end up in the wrong hands and eventually cause more misery than it creates. How does a Philanthropist give away his or her money? Many people who give away money to charities choose to give it away in a manner that helps the charity itself. For example, some donate small amounts of money by participating in fund-raisers, which allow them to earn a larger amount of money in exchange for giving away their tickets or donations. Other people choose to give away their money by donating large sums of money to specific causes. So what are some of the ways in which people give away their money? Philanthropists give money to charity by starting a campaign, either by using their own money or getting others to donate. Philanthropists photoThey can also work with other people to form a fund, which they can then donate a portion of the money to. This can include a number of different charity organizations. Sometimes, individuals will choose to give away their entire wealth, but there are a number of circumstances in which the wealthy may prefer to donate most, if not all, of their money to a single charity. Some wealthy people choose to give a percentage of their wealth to charity instead of the whole amount. In many cases, people who give away a large amount of money choose to do so by donating the bulk of their money to one charity and the rest to another charity as well. If a person gives away ten million dollars to charity, he or she may choose to donate only a small percentage of this amount, leaving the rest of the money to be given to local schools or to be given to another charity of a similar nature. However, this is not always the case. There are countless other ways in which people choose to donate to charity. It simply depends on the individual. Some people are passionate about a particular cause or believe strongly that one should do something to help out those who are less fortunate than they are. Whatever one's beliefs are, there is likely a charity that a person can support.